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What does Best Credit Repairman services do?
Premier Credit Services removes negative information including judgments, collections and late payments from all 3 major credit reporting agencies.  We successfully raise credit scores allowing consumers to get lower interest rates on Auto Loans, Mortgages & Credit Cards.
Why is Premier Credit Services better than the rest?
At Premier Credit Services, you always get a live person answering the phone, early in the morning from 9:00 AM to late at night 6:00 PM EST.
  - In business for over 15 years.
- Collection agency background ins and outs
- Excellent customer service
- Extremely knowledgeable in all credit areas
How many languages can Premier Credit Services services support?
We speak multiple languages to spread our professional services to various ethnic backgrounds through out the area such as: English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Polish and Italian.
Can Premier Credit Services settle my collections and charge offs for me?
Yes, we can. We can also do it for as little as 20 cents on the dollar.
Is Credit Repair by Premier Credit Services legal?
Absolutely! We operate under a scope of The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
How long does it take?
Credit Repair is unpredictable. Our process can take 30 days or up to one year, depending on your history.
How do I order my reports?
Every person living in USA, under FCRA, has a right to get one free credit report once a year. Go to for all information. Often, our mortgage or loan specialist can get your Credit Report free of charge - ask about it.
Is it possible for Premier Credit Services  to get a bankruptcy off?
Yes, Premier Credit Services can remove a bankruptcy just like any other derogatory that is incorrectly reported, obsolete, erroneous, misleading, incomplete or that cannot be verified. Remember, the nature of the item has nothing to do with it removal under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Loan Modifications

PCS has a networked team of specialists that not only provide credit repair in New Jersey but also home loan modifications.  Our in house specialist is here to assist you in lowering your current interest rate on your defaulted or current home loan.


A loan modification is when our team member or affiliate contacts your current mortgage company and negotiates a new loan term, rate, and usually can also make an agreement with them to remove the entire past-due balance and place it in the back of the loan. Your will be starting over fresh, in a new loan with a significantly reduced payment.


PCS offers short sale services not only in New Jersey but also has an in-house expert on short-sales or short-selling your property.


A short-sale is when the value of your home is less than the current loan amount. The terminology is upside down. When this occurs and you choose not to go with the loan modification avenue, you can sell your property at a reduced amount with our team member or affiliate taking care of all the negotiations on your behalf.

Debt Settlement

PCS offers debt settlement programs in association with credit repair in New Jersey


PCS is able to settle any and all outstanding debts for you for as little as ten-cents on the dollar. Even better PCS always pre-negotiates the way that the trade line will report on your credit report before the settlement is reached.

Debt Consolidation

PCS does not recommend or offer debt consolidation as over 80% of these programs fail. We offer an alternative to debt consolidation in one of our credit repair programs in New Jersey

Mortgages / Refinances

PCS assists consumer by offering credit repair in New Jersey and have in-house loan officers who can pre-qualify you and assist you in the purchase or refinance of a property whether it is an investment property or the property you reside in.

Insurance Rates

PCS offers credit repair in New Jersey to consumers who are shopping for lower insurance rates. The rates that insurance companies charge consumers are directly associated with your credit score.

Auto Loans & Leases

PCS offers credit repair in New Jersey for consumers who are looking to lease or purchase any type of vehicle. Our in-house sales and finance specialist make getting that new or used car very easy.

Background Checks

PCS offers credit repair in New Jersey to anyone who wants to clean up their credit as they have an up and coming background check in which they need to pass for a employment application or promotion.. Even if you feel that a potential spouse or their family may be checking you out, we can help before they do.

Being Sued By a Creditor?

PCS offers not only credit repair in New Jersey but we can help you answer civil summonses and complaints and prepare defenses on any civil matter in which a creditor is suing you on.

Credit Repair in New Jersey