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FICO or Credit Score is a computer generated number based on a scoring model calculation that rates you on a scale of 350-850, to determine your ability to repay the loan/debt back. The higher the FICO or Credit Score the lower your interest rates will be, saving you thousands of dollars a year and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime.


We offer an upscale credit repair service. No one wants to waste their money or time and we understand that. We don't want to waste our time either; it is our most precious commodity.


Regardless of what we write, our results speak for themselves. Stop by one of our offices and give us the opportunity to show you, in person what we can do for you. We have before and after, client credit reports. Which prove our strategies really do work.



It is simple. We have the knowledge, experience and a no nonsense approach to credit repair.

We offer a free credit report and free consultation to anyone who is interested in our services.
Just as a client picks and chooses who they do business with, so do we. If we feel we cannot accomplish your desired goals, we let you know right away so you don't waste your time.

Pre-Bankruptcy Consultation
Pre-Bankruptcy Consultation can be your only hope to secure a better financial future for yourself.  We will give you the consultation and services you need before you go into Bankruptcy.  You may not need to go into Bankruptcy and if you do we will guide you into the right direction with the proper information you should know before you make your final decision.  Consultation is always Free with Credit Repair in New Jersey's Best Credit Repairman, take advantage of this great opportunity.  
Post-Bankruptcy clean-up
After you have claimed bankruptcy you may wonder what to do next when it comes to your credit report. scoring and status.  You do not have to worry because where there is a will there is a few ways to get your scores up to a great rating.  Even if you have a  bankruptcy on your report there is ways to achieve credit and good scoring again.  If your bankruptcy has been discharged about 6 months ago we will seek to remove it off of your report.  
Full Service Credit Repair & Restoration
We at Best Credit Repairman will furnish a professional copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus Experian,  TransUnion & Equifax and make the determinations necessary to clean up your credit history.  We will go over all of your reports with you on the telephone or in person and give you all the details necessary to start and complete your credit report clean up.  Upon reviewing your report depending on the damage we will guarantee a score in writing and hold our end of the bargain.  
Trade Lines Availability & Services
Whether you have cleaned up your report with our services or you currently have a good credit score, with our Trade Line services we can bring your credit scores up to a very superior status.  If your credit score is currently at a superior status we will help you sell some of your Trade Lines to our clients.  Selling and purchasing Trade Lines is known as "Piggy Backing".  This is a great way to get yourself into gear into a better future whether you are purchasing Trade Lines or selling them through our services.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our Trade Line services.  
Outstanding Debt Settlement
We have the most professional Outstanding Debt Settlement services.  When it comes to Outstanding Debt Settlement, our Debt Settlement Representation services is one of best to get your Debt Settlement down to 10-20 cents on a dollar owed.  If one of your Debts is $20,000, we will settle it for $2,000 - $4,000 dollars guaranteed.  Our years of experience and knowledge gives us the power to negotiate to most phenomenon deals for you.  If you're in search of professional debt settlement services,  please contact us at your earliest convenience.  All of our consultation is free, take advantage of this great opportunity we have to offer.  
Purchase a Commercial or Residential Property
Our purchase a property services prepares you and takes all necessary actions to closing your future loan.  Whether you are looking to purchase a foreclosure, short sale or a retail property on the market we will guide you in the best direction and get you the best deal possible.  When we provide ultimate services for you, this brings us more business everyday.  We stride to be the best in the business and with over 50,000 satisfied clients within the past 7 years.  
Refinance Current Mortgage
Refinancing your current home mortgage is one of the most common and effective ways to lower your monthly payments or generate some cash flow from the equity of your property.  This is a process that is usually done by property owners who are current with their monthly mortgage payments.  If, refinancing your current home mortgage works for you please contact us to get started.  The results we can provide will make you very happy with our services.  
Obtain a Mortgage
Obtaining a mortgage is a great way to start your journey to a great property.  We process your credit information to our funding department to get you pre-approved for a mortgage.  It is best to know the amount of finance you qualify for before searching for a property.  Feel free to contact us at anytime for more detailed information.  
Loan Modifications
In this day of age due to some of the economic crisis we face many people are falling behind and facing foreclosure on their properties.  We have a team of forensic auditors that will not only investigate all of your paperwork but they will negotiate the best loan restructure with your current mortgage lender.  This is a great way to save a lot of money every month and save your property from foreclosure also.  Contact us if you should have any questions regarding this service,  we will gladly answer all of your questions.  
Short Sales
Many people have fallen behind on their homes and their property values have gone down due to the economic crisis and the housing bubble bursting.  Short Sale of your property can be an effective way to get out of your mortgage without owing the bank anymore money.  This has helped many people out of financial hardship.  If you should have any questions regarding short sales, simply contact us at your earliest convenience.  
Auto Loans
If you are looking to get approved for a new or used automobile you have come to the right place.  Whether your credit is in good standing for a auto approval or not we can help you get in gear for that new or used automobile financing.  We've have obtained many auto loans for our clients.  Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  
Background Checks
Whether you're an employer or you are looking to rent an apartment, background checks are a great way to be a step ahead for your company or your property rental.  Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information to get one or more background checks furnished.  
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