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Anything that erodes your financial credibility is damaging to your good credit standing. In the case of inquiries, one or two is not too bad, but any more than that and they will begin to tell a story of their own: Any prospective credit grantor will look at your credit report and think that you are desperate for credit.


When a derogatory is removed with cause under the FCRA, it cannot legally be placed back on the credit report. The same law that required its removal prohibits it from being placed back on.


Anybody can run into hard times or an emergency situation now and then, that does not mean that you are a credit risk for 7 years. The truth is that no credit report can predict the future. Therefore the concept that once bad, always bad is totally false.


You absolutely can attempt to fix your credit yourself, but then again you can probably try to do your own tax return or your own root canal. When it comes to matters such as theses let the professionals do what they do best - fix credit!


Credit Repair in New Jersey

  Credit Repair in New Jersey  
Credit Repair in New Jersey